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Weglot Fast Track Training

The fastest way to understand how to use Weglot
and kickstart your website translation project the right way! Discover all the key steps to get the most out of Weglot and customize your website translation project to meet your needs.
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Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to understand how to use Weglot to translate their website quickly!

How long is it?

Complete the whole course or customize your path — in any case, it won't take you more than 25 minutes.

What do I need?

Internet connection and a website to translate! No skills, subscriptions or tools are needed.

How will I learn?

No homework, no tests, no fees. It's a completely flexible learning experience designed for your convenience.

What's included?

You will learn how to get started with Weglot and have an instantly translated website in minutes. Then we'll walk you through the Weglot Dashboard and show you the most important features to help you manage your translations and customize your multilingual website easily.

Get a head start

You don't need to read long documents or figure things out yourself. Take the short cut and get started with Weglot instantly.

Streamline your project

Add team members, assign translations and set up translation rules to create a self-sufficient workflow.

Control your translations

Learn how to manage and display your translations with Weglot's easy-to-use interface and automatic features.

Customize the journey

Make the multilingual features complement your website design and localize your pages to attract international visitors.

Define the quality

Achieve the translation quality you want effortlessly by learning how to leverage different translation methods.

Earn a certificate

You're a Weglot expert now, tell the whole world! Display your certificate, skill or badge online to show your expertise.

Course Lessons

Why it'll be worth your time

Within a week of translating our site to English with Weglot, international sales doubled, by the following month – they had quadrupled.

Clara Champion
Weglot is now directly responsible for increasing our total visitors by 40%. In some markets, we are seeing x2 conversion rate.

Jules Boven
We spend 1/3 of the time we spent before to translate new pages and a better SEO result, so Weglot has been a big win for us!

Tim Dumain