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Multilingual SEO Training Course

Ready to unlock the full potential of your multilingual website? Join this course to have a comprehensive understanding of how multilingual SEO works and what’s needed to get started with your own multilingual SEO strategy.

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in expanding their website reach with multilingual SEO.

What do I need

 Internet connection and organic growth goals! No skills, subscriptions or tools are needed.

How will I learn

No homework, no tests, no fees. It's a completely flexible learning experience designed for your convenience.

Course Lessons

Why it'll be worth your time

Having a multilingual website and being able to manage it without any technical capabilities, coupled with the time-saving process of manually optimizing things that are already translated has been a game changer for our multilingual SEO performance.

Estelle Barthes
“The biggest win for us is the time we’ve saved. It takes us about ten minutes twice a week to double-check everything is running how we want it. Everything else is done by Weglot.

Adèle Aubry
The Bradery
We spend 1/3 of the time we spent before to translate new pages and a better SEO result, so Weglot has been a big win for us!

Tim Dumain
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